Master of
Research in
Experimental Sciences

A full-time one-year programme of research experience that will mark out your career


The Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences, run by the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), is a full-time one-year programme with highly flexible and personalised hands-on research training in a multidisciplinary research environment.

You will spend two thirds of the programme working in the labs of top research centres, under the supervision of the most outstanding international researchers in their scientific disciplines.

The MMRES is run by the BIST Dolors Aleu Graduate Centre, affiliated to the Pompeu Fabra University.

Your research career starts here

The MMRES is a programme of excellence, with a significant hands-on research component. It offers highly flexible and personalised research training in a multidisciplinary scientific environment and helps you to start your future as a researcher. Check out the master’s programme here.

Learn from leading researchers

The MMRES faculty team includes eminent researchers from the BIST centres, as well as national and international invited speakers. You will learn from distinguished professionals that work on broad research topics. Check out the faculty team here.

BIST Community

Become a MMRES student and join the vibrant BIST Community, made up of 2,500 brilliant professionals and researchers. You will participate in activities and events organised by BIST and its seven centres and meet group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students from BIST Community and other top national and international research centres, learning about and benefiting from their experience.