BIST Community

As an MMRES student, you will join the vibrant BIST Community, made up of 2,500 brilliant professionals and researchers from more than 30 countries, who work together at the seven BIST centres.

The activities and events organised by BIST and its centres will give you the opportunity to meet group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, and PhD students from all BIST centres and other top national and international research institutions, learning about and benefiting from their experience. You will also get to attend exclusive talks and seminars organised for members of the BIST Community and of course participate in informal meetings and recreational activities.

From this page you can access the news and events happening at BIST, and discover everything our Master of Research has to offer.

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Conferences, seminars, and workshops organised by BIST, its centres, and other scientific institutions are at your fingertips in this agenda.


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