The call for the MMRES 2022/2023 edition is open from December 17, 2021 to March 9, 2022 The programme has 30 positions available and you have the opportunity to obtain a ten tuition fellowship available. As an MMRES student you will develop your own research project, which you will select from among more than 80 proposals. Don’t miss this opportunity, apply now!

The MMRES faculty team includes eminent researchers from the BIST centres, as well as national and international invited speakers. You will learn from distinguished professionals that work on broad research topics.

Would you like to learn more about the Master of Multisiciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences (MMRES)? Register for one of the info-sessions that will be held online on January 12 (15:30h – 16:30h) and February 16 (16:30h – 17:30h).

In these info-sessions you will have the opportunity to meet the MMRES coordinators and learn first-hand experiences from some master’s alumni. If you want further information about the master’s academic programme, available fellowships, and how your research will develop at the BIST centres of your choice, among other aspects, we encourage you to participate.

The info-session agenda will be the following:

  • Introduction to Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)
  • Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences presentation
  • Fellowship opportunities
  • MMRES results
  • Career prospects
  • Questions & Answers


This week, BIST held the fifth annual MMRES Ceremony to recognise the exceptional work done by this year’s graduating class, and to welcome a new cohort to the programme.

On September 14, 2021, the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) held the fifth annual MMRES Ceremony at the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera Auditorium. The event brought together the incoming cohort of 23 students and the 21 graduating students of the BIST Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences (MMRES). This year in person, the event celebrated the enormous achievements of the outgoing class 2020/2021 and welcomed the new cohort into the BIST Community.

The afternoon kicked off with introductions by Lluís Farrés (Director of Knowledge, Education, and Research at Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera), Núria Bayó (Academic Manager of the BIST Dolors Aleu Graduate Centre, and MMRES Co-Coordinator), Joan Guinovart (Academic Director of the BIST DAGC), and Robert Sewell (MMRES Co-Director and Head of Academic Affairs at ICFO).

Rubén Vicente (Master Co-Coordinator, UPF-DCEXS) and Míriam Navarro (Education Programme Manager at BIST and Academic Officer of MMRES) then formally recognised the achievements of the graduating MMRES cohort, whose year looked a bit different from others due to the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Two class 2020/2021 representatives (Meritxell Novillo and Bernat Molero) also gave testimonials.

Finally, the incoming cohort received an official welcome into the BIST Community and the MMRES programme by Roderic Guigó (MMRES Co-Director and Group Leader at CRG), followed by a keynote speech by Pelayo Garcia-Arquer (Group Leader at ICFO), and closing comments by Pablo Ordejon (Director of ICN2).

Our warmest congratulations to the graduates and a big welcome to the new cohort!

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A group of BIST MMRES students – Meritxell Novillo, Júlia Alcàcer, Maria Quintana, Marta Perxés, and Bernat Molero – have won second place for their proposal to combat addiction to social media and online gaming in the 2020 Innovations Days, an EIT Health event organised by StartUB!.

Innovation Days (i-Days) is an EIT Health initiative hosted and organised by the University of Barcelona. It brings university students together to learn about health innovation tools and to compete in multidisciplinary teams to propose solutions to real challenges in the field of health innovation.

This year, a group of students enrolled in the BIST Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences (BIST MMRES) competed in one of three challenge categories: to find a solution to social media and online gaming addiction. They proposed a device called Oasis, which records the amount of time a phone is inactive and gives the user rewards whenever the length of inactivity increases. Their proposal received the highest scores in their challenge category and second place in the competition overall, out of more than 20 teams and came with a 200 euro prize, plus access to the Busines Model Lab course from StartUB! and tickets to The Ancient Thermal Bath Spa in Barcelona.

More than 130 students and 24 international facilitators from all areas of research took part in this year’s edition, which included design thinking training, pitch coaching, citizen engagement, and industry involvement in addition to the challenge competition. EIT Health, of which BIST is a core partner, began this initiative to get university students involved in healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship. It runs in cities all over Europe every year.

Congratulations BIST MMRES team!

The 2020 MMRES Annual Ceremony took place today to celebrate the graduation of the 2019/2020 cohort and to welcome the 2020/2021 incoming students of the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences.

The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) recognised and celebrated the 22 graduates of the class of 2020 at the annual MMRES ceremony today, and welcomed the incoming 24 students starting the programme this month. The new BIST Dolors Aleu Graduate Centre (BIST-DAGC), a post-graduate centre created by BIST and affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), was also publicly presented. The BIST-DAGC will host the MMRES starting this year.

The ceremony kicked off with an introduction by MMRES Co-Coordinator Núria Bayó Puxan (BIST) and a presentation of the BIST-DAGC by BIST Director General Gabriel Silberman. We also heard from Robert Sewell of ICFO (MMRES Co-Director), Ruben Vicente of DCEXS-UPF (MMRES Co-Coordinator), Roderic Guigó of CRG (MMRES Co-Director), and David Comas (DCEXS-UPF Director), all of whom voiced their congratulations for the outgoing class and welcomed the new students. The ceremony’s keynote speech was given by Renée Beekman, Group Leader at CRG, who talked about her research on gene regulatory mechanisms driving cancer development and offered some advice to the MMRES students on how to keep motivated while pursuing their scientific careers.

The 2020 BIST Symposium on Microscopy, Nanoscopy and Imaging Sciences took place on January 24, 2020 at The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), a BIST centre. The event, in its third edition this year, brought together 158 researchers from the BIST centres, including the BIST-UPF MMRES Master students, to learn from experts in the field.

The BIST Symposium on Microscopy, Nanoscopy and Imaging Sciences, organized by ICFO, ICN2, and BIST, aims to gather researchers from the seven BIST centres as well as interested parties from other institutes (UPC, UB, ICMAB, IS Global) to discuss the latest techniques and results in various fields such as optical microscopy, electron microscopy, imaging technology and approaches in astrophysics, among others. Every year, experts in these fields are invited to give short talks to an audience of group leaders, postdoctoral fellows, PhD students, technologists, and master students, among others.

The event is also the culmination of the BIST-UPF Master’s Winter School, a two week training programme on microscopy, nanoscopy and imaging sciences. This year, the 22 Master’s students gave poster presentations about their Master’s research at the symposium.

“For a young researcher it is very thrilling and also nerve-wracking to present your work, but I very much enjoyed the poster session we had, because my project got attention from scientists of fields very different from mine, and they were really interested in it. It is very motivating!” says Master’s student Aiturgan Zheenbekova.

A new centre to host post-graduate studies, named after a woman pioneer in the field of medicine in Catalonia, is now part of BIST.

The creation of the BIST Dolors Aleu Graduate Centre (BIST DAGC) was made official by the publication in the DOGC (Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya – Official Newspaper of the Catalan Government) on August 2, 2019, of its approval by the DGU. The centre is named after Doctor Dolors Aleu, the first Catalan woman to graduate as a medical doctor. Naming its Graduate Centre after Dolors Aleu, BIST wants to recognize her pioneering role in promoting women’s work in science, an area that more that 100 years later still needs strong support and is one of the priorities of our institute.

The centre is affiliated with UPF. The MMRES, currently in its third cycle and offered through the UPF, is envisioned as a future offering of the BIST DAGC, following a formal adoption process.

This week the 2019 class of the BIST-UPF Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences (MMRES) successfully graduated and a new cohort of incoming students was welcomed as the third edition of the programme launches.

On September 12, 2019, the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) organized this year’s MMRES ceremony at the Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera to recognize and celebrate the 27 graduates of the MMRES class of 2019 and to welcome the incoming 23 students of the MMRES class of 2020.

The event kicked off with a welcome by Roderic Guigó and Robert Sewell (MMRES Co-Directors) and a keynote speech by Giuseppe Battaglia (Group Leader and ICREA Research Professor at IBEC). Professor Battaglia recently joined IBEC as leader of the Molecular Bionics Group and gave an inspirational talk about nanorobots, in which he emphasized the need for multidisciplinarity in cutting-edge research like that undertaken by the students, something the BIST-UPF MMRES programme strongly fosters. He also underlined the importance of learning the “languages” of many disciplines and training to understand the various approaches employed by mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. to shared challenges.

The event continued with a recognition of and congratulations to the class of 2019 by MMRES Coordinators Núria Bayó (BIST) and Rubén Vicente (DCEXS-UPF). Of the 27 graduating students, many have already been accepted into PhD positions at local and international institutes including Harvard Medical School in Boston, the UPF Department of Experimental and Health Sciences in Barcelona, the Curie Institute and the Saint Louis Hospital in Paris, the University of Birmingham, and the BIST centres IRB Barcelona, ICFO, ICN2, and IBEC, in Barcelona.

Iván Company, María Sanchiz, and Adam Skali, graduates of the 2019 MMRES programme, gave a presentation about their experience, along with tips and advice to help welcome the incoming students. The new cohort consists of another 23 extremely bright and motivated students coming from many countries including the USA, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK, among others. The alumni also thanked Donna Ramirez, BIST Academic Programmes Coordinator, for her excellent work supporting them throughout the year.

The evening wrapped up with closing remarks by Gabby Silberman (BIST Director) and David Comas (DCEXS Director) and a cocktail hour where everyone had the opportunity to network and get to know each other better.

A team of four current BIST-UPF Master students, along with one more team member from UB, won the first prize in the EIT Health Innovation Day competition at the University of Barcelona in November.

The students are currently enrolled in the BIST-UPF Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences, a pioneering programme focused on hands-on research at the BIST scientific centres of excellence. The programme aims to equip students with knowledge of world-class multidisciplinary research and encourages students to develop their own projects.

The EIT Health Innovation Day at the University of Barcelona took place on November 24th, 2018. Out of 120 candidates of undergraduate and postgraduate students, 70 were selected based on their multidisciplinarity to participate. The participants gathered in a historic building of the University of Barcelona to receive cutting edge training from experts in design thinking, innovative processes, and business & healthcare, and to compete for prize money and the opportunity to take part in the Winner´s Event in December in London, UK.

The competition put the five team members together to work on a challenge.  Adam Ali Dahbi Skali (BIST-UPF), Marc Botifoll (BIST-UPF), Jasna Nuhić (BIST-UPF), Alejandra Rodríguez (BIST-UPF) and David Garrido (UB), were challenged with designing an idea about how to promote positive mential health in University students. They developed the idea for a platform called InnovAgora, which offers Universities a compulsary course designed for first year students which would include lessons on time-management, meditation, good sleeping habits, and yoga and would promote social activities such as meetings with alumni and joint outings. The project includes an app which the students can interact with to determine how they are progressing though their first year.

The team presented InnovAgora to a group of judges and won the first prize which came with a 500€ award.

They will have the opportunity to attend the EIT Health Innovation Days Winners Event in December in London, UK.

BIST congratulates the entire team for this outstanding achievement.