Ruben Vicente

Rubén Vicente

Dr. Rubén Vicente is an Associate Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he leads the group Biophysics of the Immune System in the Laboratory of Molecular Physiology, where he focuses his research on the pathophysiology of zinc signalling. He obtained his PhD in Universitat de Barcelona in 2005, and previous experience includes having worked at Colorado State University (USA), Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie Hamburg-ZMNH (Germany) and Max-Delbrück-Centrum für Molekulare Medizin (Germany). He is academic co-coordinator of the MMRES.



Rob Sewell

Robert Sewell

Prof. Robert Sewell is Head of Academic Affairs at ICFO, responsible for oversight of the ICFO PhD program and training of students and researchers. He completed a dual arts/science undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne, and received his PhD in Physics from Imperial College London in 2009. He is Co-Director of the MMRES program, and sits on the coordinating committee of the inter-university Master of Quantum Science and Technology. In 2020 he was appointed SPIE@ICFO Chair for Diversity in Photonic Sciences.




Miriam Navarro

Miriam Navarro

Dr. Míriam Navarro is the  Education Programme Manager at BIST. She  obtained her PhD in Neuroscience in 2010 at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. During 5 years she studied neuroplasticity  and combined research with education at Columbia University as part of her postdoctoral training. She has a proven record of peer-reviewed publications, patents and collaboration with biotechs and pharmaceutical companyies. Back in Barcelona in 2017, she joined Vall d’Hebrón Institute of Oncology as a postdoctoral researcher until 2020. Her  interests in education led her to mentor undergrad and PhD students and get significant experience in both high school and university teaching. In 2020, she joined the BIST team with the aim to help young researchers in their career development. She is the coordinator of the Responsible Research and Science Communication subject at MMRES.


Maria Garcia-Parajo

Maria Garcia-Parajo is an ICREA Research Professor at ICFO-Institute of Photonic Sciences, leading the Single Molecule Biophotonics group. Her research interests lie at the interface between Physics, Photonics and Biology. She obtained her PhD in Physical Electronics in 1999 at Imperial Colleague, UK.  Previous experience includes research at L2M-CNRS Paris (FR) and University of Twente (NL). To date she has published more that 200 papers. She coordinates several international research projects, and is member of various international scientific advisory, executive and editorial boards. She has received several prestigious awards, including National Prize in Biophysics (2017), AdvERC grant (2017) and Emmy Noether Laurate from the European Physical Society (2020). She is co-coordinator of the Winter School in Advanced Microscopy Techniques for the MMRES.


Marius Costache

Dr. Marius V. Costache obtained his Ph.D. in experimental physics at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in 2007 supervised by Prof. B.J. van Wees. After Ph.D. he moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to focus on superconducting electronics with Prof. J.S. Moodera, a world-renowned leader in electron tunneling spectroscopy.

Currently, Dr. Costache is working on a variety of topics involving magnetization dynamics, graphene, topological insulators and quantum magnonics. Presently, he co-supervises two PhD students and two postdocs.



Núria Bayó

Núria received her doctorate from the University of Barcelona and the Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona. She has worked as a postdoctoral researcher for two years at McGill University and the University of Montreal, and two years at the ETH Zurich. She then worked as a researcher at a spin-off company for a year and later moved to IRB Barcelona to lead research projects to be transferred to the market. He has a postgraduate degree in innovation management (UB) and entrepreneurship (UC Berkeley) and a master’s degree in project management (La Salle). He has been a member of the BIST team since 2016, where he leads the strategic lines of Education and Talent to promote the professional development of researchers in the BIST community.


Jordi Arbiol

Dr. Jordi Arbiol is ICREA Professor and Group Leader at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), where he leads the group of Advanced Electron Nanoscopy (GAeN), focussing on the atomic scale characterization and modelling of nanomaterials by means of electron microscopy. He obtained his PhD in Physics in 2001 at Universitat de Barcelona (UB), and previous experience includes having worked at CEMES-CNRS (Toulouse), Universitat de Barcelona and ICMAB-CSIC. He has also been President and Vice-President of the Spanish Microscopy Society (SME), he is Executive Board Member of the International Federation of Societies for Microscopy (IFSM), Funding Member of e-DREAM, has published more than 400 papers at international journals with more than 24000 citations (h-index: 85 (GoS)), and he is the Scientific Supervisor of the Electron Microscopy Center at the ALBA Synchrotron. He is co-coordinator of the ATES subject for the MMRES.