Fees & Fellowships


The price of the master’s programme is updated every year. For the 2021/2022 edition, enrolment fees are:

EU students: 3.500€

Non-EU students: 6.000€


The master’s programme offers every year several competitive fellowships to outstanding candidates. The 2020/2021 fellowships consist on 8 tuition waivers and 16 living allowances.

These fellowships are merit-based and awarded by the master’s selection committee. All admitted candidates are automatically considered for both fellowships and living allowances.

  • Tuition Waiver: BIST will offer eight full-tuition waivers, one each for the top EU student at every participating centre (seven BIST centres and UPF/DCEXS). Additionally, BIST may allocate two additional full-tuition waivers for top-ranked, non-EU students to facilitate their enrolment. (The tuition fee for EU students is 3.500€, while the tuition fee for non-EU student is 6.000€)
  • Living Allowance: Each centre will offer a living allowance of 4.000€ to two of their top-ranked students (total of 16 living allowances). At their discretion, and following internal policies, each centre may provide additional fellowships and/or contribute a living allowance to students assigned to that centre who have not been awarded a BIST fellowship. For more information, visit the centres’ websites or contact the MMRES Academic Office at mmres@bist.eu.


Available fellowships are awarded as the admissions committee confirms student acceptance. Therefore, the sooner you complete the application process, the more chances you have of obtaining a tuition fellowship and/or a living allowance.