MMRES students meet BIST Outreach and Communication experts

Lydia Sanmartí, KTT Outreach Project Manager at ICFO, Guillermo Orts Gil, Head of Communications and Outreach at IBEC, and Àlex Argemí, Head of Marketing and Communication at ICN2 were the invited speakers of the MMRES session about activities in public communications. BIST experts participated in a roundtable of the course Responsible Research and Science Communication, which is programme of the Master of Multidisciplinary Research in Experimental Sciences.

The participation of the BIST centres was of great value, as the students could know better the outreach activities developed to increase the interest and involvement in science of citizens, especially primary and secondary school students and teachers. The roundtable lead to a discussion about the future of science communication that involved all the students.

We want to thank our BIST experts for their dedication and we are expecting more shared MMRES sessions with the BIST community.