Our master’s students are leading the change, participating in the #100tífiques programme

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11) the #100tífiques initiative mobilises 567 women researchers, who will give talks in 500 schools and institutes across Catalunya. Meet our MMRES #100tífiques:

Natalia Castillo is a current student in the MMRES doing her major project in the Targeted Protein Degradation and Drug Discovery Lab at IRB Barcelona. This lab is lead by Cristina Mayor-Ruiz, one of the two junior group leaders selected to join the BIST centres to establish multidisciplinary research teams, incorporate cutting-edge equipment, and build local and international collaborations within the “la Caixa” Foundation – BIST Chemical Biology Programme.

Florence Pauline Basubas is also a current student in the MMRES and will give a talk for the #100tífiques about her major project in the Translational Synthetic Biology Lab at MELIS-UPF. Florence is involved in the public engagement activity BIST-MMRES Science Hack, an assignment of the master’s subject Responsible Research and Science Communication. The BIST-MMRES ScienceHack 23 invites high school students around the Barcelona Metropolitan Area to tackle real-world scientific problems with creative problem-solving.

Pilar Hermán is an MMRES student from the class 2021-2022, and a fellow Investigo at The Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM). Together with Mar Fillat, also from the class 21-22, have participated to the #100tífiques project at the School Josep Maria Jujol from Barcelona.

The students have enjoyed seeing the photos from when we were little and that we said we were not always clear that we wanted to do science. They also asked a lot of questions about the brain and what thoughts are.” Says Mar, now working in science education for Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.

Júlia Alcàcer, Maria Butjosa and Maria Quintana are MMRES alumnae from class 2020-2021 that have also participated. For Maria Quintana is not the first time, as she went last year to the Institut Angeleta Ferrer. A unique STEAM centre and a reference for teacher training, set up with the collaboration of BIST.

And also from the MMRES class 2020-2021, Ainoa Tejedera, PhD student from IBEC, has been interviewed by Els Matins de TV3 during her #100tífiques talk. Check the video HERE (CATALÀ)