Research supervisors

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NameLast nameSupervisor CV urlProject
CristinaPujadesDCEXS-2017. Elucidating the balance between cell proliferation and differentiation within the embryonic brain
MarcoMilánIRBB-2008. Drosophila as a model in cancer biology
Martin BørstadEriksenIFAE-2019. Exploiting PAUS data with deep learning
PereMasjuanIFAE-2018. Prediction of COVID-19 propagation and Cancer growth using Group Theory
PabloBallesterICIQ-2003. Supramolecular sensing of relevant biomarkers for acute kidney injury
BertaAlsinaDCEXS-2016. High-throughput analysis of hearing loss causative genes through cas13 technology
Maria PiaCosmaCRG-2008. From nanoscopy observation of cell fate to tissue regeneration
TurgutDurduranICFO-2011. Medical optics group IV
TurgutDurduranICFO-2010. Medical Optics III
TurgutDurduranICFO-2009. Medical Optics II
TurgutDurduranICFO-2008. Medical Optics I
SamuelSánchezIBEC-2009. Smart Nano-Bio-Devices II
SamuelSánchezIBEC-2008. Smart Nano-Bio-Devices I
Sergio O.ValenzuelaICN2-2008. Topological matter for next generation magnetic memories
AlejoRodriguez-FraticelliIRBB-2007. Single-cell lineage tracing to dissect stem cell memory
MalgorzataSiudekIFAE-2017. The effect of the environment on the stellar mass-size relation in VIPERS galaxies
MalgorzataSiudekIFAE-2016. Environments of AGN in dwarf galaxies
NúriaLópezICIQ-2002. Machine learning for electrochemical processes
Mónica H.Pérez-TempranoICIQ-2001. Design and development of tailored-made solutions for site-selective C-H functionalization reactions
ReneeBeekmanCRG-2007. Linking oncogenic translocations and 3D chromatin structure changes to cellular heterogeneity
ReneeBeekmanCRG-2006. The functional role of 3D chromatin structure changes during early tumor formation
MariaGarcia-ParajoICFO-2007. Single-molecule microscopy tools to study membrane contact sites
FranSupekIRBB-2006. Mutagenesis in cancer genomes
OriolGallegoDCEXS-2015. Nanotools for in situ structural biology and advanced light microscopy
StefanWieserICFO-2006. Live Cell Superresolution Microscopy & Embryonic Stem Cells
MaciejLewensteinICFO-2005. Frontiers of Quantum Information Science, Quantum Simulations and Many Body Physics
MorganMitchellICFO-2004. Hot Atoms 1
JensBiegertICFO-2003. Attosecond Molecular-movies with Inner-Shell Electrons
NuriaLopez-BigasIRBB-2005. Biomedical Genomics-Study of DNA damage and repair mechanisms
SandraAcostaDCEXS-2014. Mapping the role of enhancers in neurodevelopmental disorders
ToniGabaldónIRBB-2004. The oral microbiome in health and disease
Klaas-JanTielrooijICN2-2007. Ultrafast Experiments on Quantum Materials
AitorMugarzaICN2-2006. Atomically precise graphene nanostructures for optoelectronics
SilviaMuroIBEC-2007. Improving site-specific targeting of nanomedicines for treatment of lung or brain diseases
VerenaRuprechtCRG-2005. Reconstituting tissue self-organization and collective cell dynamics in early embryonic development via 3D synthetic culture methods
BernhardPayerCRG-2004. Epigenetic reprogramming in mammalian germ cells
BernhardPayerCRG-2003. X-chromosome reactivation in iPSCs and mouse embryos
AurelioJusteIFAE-2015. Application of machine-learning techniques to background suppression in searches for higgsino pair production with the ATLAS detector
AngelRodriguez NebredaIRBB-2003. Stress kinase signaling as target for cancer therapy
AurelioJusteIFAE-2014. Search for the pair production of vector-like quarks in final states with multiple b-jets
IlyaKorolkovIFAE-2013. Studies of the non-linearity of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter
IlyaKorolkovIFAE-2012. Studies of the Radiation
Maria PilarCasadoIFAE-2011. Machine Learning techniques in the process VBF H with the HGTD detector at the ATLAS experiment
ImmaRiuIFAE-2010. Analysis optimization for the search of new light scalar bosons using data taken by the ATLAS experiment
ImmaRiuIFAE-2009. Search of new charged Higgs bosons using a neural-network algorithm trained with Monte Carlo simulated samples of the ATLAS experiment
ImmaRiuIFAE-2008. Performance of topological trigger algorithms for few benchmark physics analyses in preparation for the new data-taking period in the ATLAS experiment at CERN
AnaJanicDCEXS-2013. Deconstructing p53-activated DNA repair mechanisms for tumor suppression
AdrianBachtoldICFO-2002. Superconductivity in twisted bilayer graphene
CristinaMayor RuizIRBB-2002. Drug discovery innovation for cancer treatment
LeticiaTarruellICFO-2001. Quantum simulation with ultracold atoms
Daniel J.RichterDCEXS-2012. The mysterious biology of the most abundant microbial eukaryotes in the surface oceans
JoseAramburuDCEXS-2011. Characterization of antitumor mechanisms driven by type I interferon
MarcGüellDCEXS-2010. Skin microbiome-based sensors
MarcGüellDCEXS-2009. Precise engineering of human genomes for therapeutic applications
PabloOrdejónICN2-2005. Crossover between band and polaron-hopping in low-dimensional organic conductors
MarioMartínezIFAE-2007. Gravitational Waves detection using Deep Learning with LIGO/Virgo data
PabloOrdejonICN2-2004. Unconventional superconductivity in nanowires
RubénVicenteDCEXS-2008. Zinc imbalance and cancer progression
ElvanBokeCRG-2002. Effects of ageing on the ovarian reserve and primordial oocytes
PauGorostizaIBEC-2006. Nanoprobes & Nanoswitches III
PauGorostizaIBEC-2005. Nanoprobes & Nanoswitches II
PauGorostizaIBEC-2004. Nanoprobes & Nanoswitches I
CosimoNigroIFAE-2006. A background model for the MAGIC telescopes
CosimoNigroIFAE-2005. Which process explains the brightest emission of Flat Spectrum Radio Quasars?
CosimoNigroIFAE-2004.Constraining the parameter space modelling the emission of jetted Active Galactic Nuclei
JavierRamon AzconIBEC-2003. Optical magnetometry for skeletal muscle biomagnetic analysis
CristinaPujadesDCEXS-2007. Unveiling the coordination between progenitor dynamics and tissue morphogenesis during neural development
PilarCasadoIFAE-2003. Impact of high-granularity timing detectors in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson produced in the vector boson fusion process and decaying into a pair of tau leptons
RodericGuigoCRG-2001. Cross species genome annotation
CristóbalPadillaIFAE-2002.The ESA Euclid Dark Energy Survey
PolForn-DíazIFAE-2001. Quantum annealing with coherent superconducting qubits
BenedettaBolognesiIBEC-2002. Understanding Amyloid Nucleation
NeusDomingo MarimonICN2-2003. Topological structures in hybrid ferroelectric-ferromagnetic systems
NeusDomingo MarimonICN2-2002. Application of ferroelectric materials for H2 production
Eulàliade NadalIRBB-2001. Understanding stress adaptation
Rafaelde la TorreDCEXS-2006. Identification of a plasma lipidomics signature underlying the beneficial health effects of tyrosol supplementation in individuals at high cardiovascular risk.
JordiArbiolICN2-2001. Advanced Electron Nanoscopy
PilarRivera GilDCEXS-2005. Targeting a nanomedicine to pancreatic tumor
Francisco JoséMuñoz LópezDCEXS-2004. Neuronal calcium intracellular signalling in Alzheimer’s disease
José ManuelFernández FernándezDCEXS-2003. Structure, function and pharmacology of ion channels: relevance to neurological disorders
BaldoOlivaDCEXS-2002. TF binding affected by methylations
JoseAytéDCEXS-2001. Controlling the cell cycle: elaborating an integrative map of DNA synthesis regulators and tumor progression
XavierFernàndez-BusquetsIBEC-2001. Selection of DNA aptamers against Plasmodium falciparum early blood stages