Adam Ali



MMRES student at IBEC and ICFO
Class 2018-2019

After MMRES:


Protein-Protein Interaction: Understanding the Electron Transport Chain


Drugs used to treat leukemia have been shown to be ineffective in many cases and ended in the relapse of the illness. Among the many reasons are cancer stem cells, cells that are able to obtain energy by using the electron transport chain. Cytochrome c (Cc) and complex III are part of the electron transport chain and also have a role in apoptosis making them an ideal model to learn more of the relationship between these processes. In this work we characterize a part of complex III (pCc1) electrochemically for the first time through cyclic voltammetry. The interaction between pCc1 and Cc is also studied through the use of atomic force microscopy (AFM) and the first use of electrochemically controlled force spectroscopy.

Major project supervisor

Pau Gorosztiza

Minor project supervisor

Niek van Hulst