Adria Nogales



MMRES student at CRG and ICFO
Class 2017-2018

After MMRES:

PhD at Vienna Biocenter, Austria

Intracellular localization of UNR/CSDE1


UNR/CSDE1 is an RNA-binding protein that promotes melanoma invasion and metastasis.

According to its function in post-transcriptional regulation, UNR localizes primarily in the cytoplasm. However, the detailed intracellular localization of UNR (e.g. its association with particular cellular organelles) is unclear. Here, we have used confocal and super-resolution microscopy together with biochemical fractionation to study the localization of UNR in
melanoma cells.

We find novel and described associations of UNR within the cytoplasmic compartment.

Major project supervisor

Fátima Gebauer

Minor project supervisor

María García-Parajo