Xiaochua Tu



MMRES student at CRG and DCEXS
Class 2017-2018

After MMRES:

PhD at CRG

Studying the role of downstream factors of Wnt signaling in embryonic stem cell self-renewal and pluripotency


Embryonic stem cells (ESCs), are derived from inner cell mass of pre-implantation embryo and have the ability to continuously propagate while maintaining the capacity to differentiate into all cell lineages of the epiblast. Wnt/ β-catenin signaling pathway controls mouse ESCs regulatory circuit, enhancing reprogramming ability of fusion hybrids between Wnt-actived ESCs and differentiated cells. However, the downstream targets of the Wnt pathway contributing to the process of pluripotency and reprogramming remain unknown. Here using computational approaches, we identified a putative Wnt downstream target, as a key regulator of mESC pluripotency. Investigating the role of this factor in ESCs and embryogenesis gave us insight into the mechanisms controlling somatic cell reprogramming and ESC pluripotency.

Major project supervisor

Maria Pia Cosma

Minor project supervisor

Pura Muñoz